Pickleball Standings

Pickleball - Mondays (Winter '24)


Pickle Me Elmo photo First Place Trophy

Beginner Division

  Pickle Me Elmo

Congratulations to Pickle me Elmo” on becoming the Monday Beginnner Pickleball Champions of the Winter ‘24 Season!

"Pickle Me Elmo" clinched the title of Monday Pickleball Champions for the Winter '24 Season with a resounding 3-0 victory over "GRL PWR"!

The playoffs for Monday Pickleball reached an exhilarating peak tonight following last week's Round 1 and Quarterfinals. With two fiercely contested semifinal matches behind them, the stage was set for the ultimate showdown. In a clash between the #1 seed, "Pickle Me Elmo," and the #3 seed, "GRL PWR," anticipation was high as both teams vied for the championship title.

From the outset, "Pickle Me Elmo" displayed undeniable prowess, seizing an early lead in the first game and maintaining their dominance throughout the match. Despite "GRL PWR's" determination to redeem their prior defeat, the relentless performance of "Pickle Me Elmo" proved insurmountable, securing victory in all three rounds.

The spirit of sportsmanship prevailed as both teams embraced the outcome with laughter and smiles, exemplifying the true essence of the game. Congratulations to "Pickle Me Elmo" for their well-deserved triumph as the Monday Beginner Pickleball Champions of the Winter '24 Season!

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GRL PWR photo
Second Place Trophy

Beginner Division
Second Place


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Beginner Division Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Pickle Me Elmo 9 0 0 18 23
2   GRL PWR 7 (1)º 2 0 14 9
3   Dink Responsibly 7 (1)º 1 0 14 14
4   Bread and Butter 5 (1)º 3 0 10 5
5   Flying Squirrels 2 5 3 (1)º 0 9 8
6   Team B 5 2 (2)º 0 8 9
7   Picolas Cage 4 (1)º 3 0 8 2
8   Hit It (Not) Quit It 3 4 0 6 -2
9   Dinkasaurs 3 (1)º 5 0 6 -2
10   Pickadillies 3 (1)º 4 0 6 -4
11   Team D 3 (1)º 5 0 6 -9
12   Get Pickley 3 5 (1)º 0 5 -6
13   Mizz Picklez 2 (1)º 5 0 4 -10
14   Pickled Pickles 2 5 0 4 -11
15   Pickle Me Pink 0 7 (2)º 0 -2 -13
16   Flying Squirrels 0 7 (2)º 0 -2 -13
Super Smash Bros. (Intermediate)  photo First Place Trophy

Intermediate Division

  Super Smash Bros. (Intermediate)

Congratulations to “Super Smash Bros” on becoming the Monday intermediated Pickleball Champions of the Winter ‘24 Season!

"Super Smash Bros" clinched the coveted title of Monday Pickleball Champions for the Winter '24 Season, securing a commanding 3-0 victory over their rivals "Nothing but the Kitchen Dink"!

Following last week's Quarterfinals, which saw "Nothing but the Kitchen Dink" inch closer to the championship, while the #1 seed "Super Smash Bros" advanced directly to the Semifinals, tonight's playoffs for Monday Intermediate Pickleball were highly anticipated. After two grueling semifinal matches, during which "Nothing but the Kitchen Dink" eliminated the #2 seed, the stage was set for the ultimate showdown between the #1 seed "Super Smash Bros" and the resilient #3 seed "Nothing but the Kitchen Dink."

As the championship match commenced, the intensity was palpable, with spectators eagerly awaiting to see who would emerge victorious. "Super Smash Bros" wasted no time asserting their dominance, seizing an early 1-0 lead in the championship. Despite the determination of "Nothing but the Kitchen Dink," who had faced similar challenges in the past, they were unable to overcome the formidable force of the #1 seed, ultimately conceding defeat in all three rounds.The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by both teams in the face of victory and defeat were truly inspiring, reflecting the true spirit of the game.

Congratulations to "Super Smash Bros" for their outstanding performance and well-deserved title as the Monday Intermediate Pickleball Champions of the Winter '24 Season!

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Intermediate Division Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Super Smash Bros. (Intermediate) 8 (1)º 0 0 16 21
2   Nothing but the Kitchen Dink (Intermediate) 7 2 0 14 10
3   Dink responsibly (Intermediate) 6 2 0 12 14
4   Not my Fault (Intermediate) 5 3 0 10 6
5   The Kitchenettes (Intermediate) 2 5 0 4 -11
6   Washed pickles (Intermediate) 1 (1)º 6 0 2 -15
7   Just Two Dudes (Intermediate) 1 (1)º 5 (2)º 0 0 -9
8   Nothing But Net (Intermediate) 0 7 (1)º 0 -1 -16
How are Standings Calculated?
Winners receive 2 points, each team in a tie receives 1 point, and losers receive 0 points. If you forfeit, you lose a point, so don't forfeit! Plus, two forfeits make your team ineligible for playoffs.

Teams are ranked by (1) Ranking Points, (2) Head to Head Two Teams Only*, (3) Point Differential, (4) Coin Toss.

Head to Head is only used if there are two teams tied. Ties involving 3+ teams disregard H2H and move on to point differential for the tiebreaker.
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.