Bocce is the perfect game!


If you want to meet people and make some new friends in Sacramento, Bocce is quite possibly the PERFECT game for you.  It's like bowling but easier, like cornhole but different, and there's absolutely no sweating.


Most people who play don't know the rules when they first join... Just remember, throw the big balls towards the little white ball and you'll be okay.


Xoso Bocce Ball

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Captains: Register your team with a small deposit!

1. Put down a deposit to hold your spot in the league (before the payment deadline)


2. Send requests to your teammates to pay their portion online directly to us with TeamPayer


3. After the payment deadline, any remaining balance gets charged to the card used to make the deposit



No Team? No Problem!

If you don't have enough for a full team or just want some new friends, sign up as an individual! Roughly 50% of our players sign up as individuals or small groups. We'll place you on a team with other individual and small group signups.


It's a fantastic way to get to know new awesome people. We can almost always get you on a team, but increase your odds by signing up with a member of the opposite gender.

Jackie Treehorn Presents Boccejammin'
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