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Softball - Tuesdays (Fall '19)


Team B photo First Place Trophy

Softball - Tuesdays (Fall '19)

  Team B


"Team B" is our Tuesday softball champion, defeating the "SCG OPR Baseball Club" by the score of 9-6. The game started off well for "Team B" as they jumped out to an early lead. But "SCG OPR Baseball Club" chipped away at it little by little including a 5th inning rally to make the game close. However, our champs were able to hang on and secure the 9-6 win!

In their semifinal matchup "Team B" had a bit of a scare, with both teams putting up runs left and right. However, their offense prevailed as they took the win by the score of 14-12 over "The Blackberries".

Overall it was another impressive season by "Team B", finishing with an 8-2 record. They started out the season incredibly hot, but lost 2 of their last 3 games heading into the playoffs. While that could have been a concern for some, these vets weren't worried at all. Instead they went out and dropped a cool 14 runs against a veteran squad in the first round of the playoffs.

Offense was the biggest key to their success. In all "Team B" won 5 games by 10 runs. They also never scored less than eight runs in any game. Simply put, when their bats were hot, they were unstoppable. All of this led to a +56 point differential, pretty much doubling 2nd place held by "Wildlings United".

Congratulations to "Team B" on another incredible season!

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SGC OPR Baseball Club photo
Second Place Trophy

Softball - Tuesdays (Fall '19)
Second Place

SGC OPR Baseball Club

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Team B
8 2 (1)º 0 15 56
  Wildlings United
6 (1)º 3 0 12 27
  The Blackberries
5 4 0 10 17
  SGC OPR Baseball Club
4 6 0 8 -33
  Crazy Coconuts
2 6 0 4 -22
  Base Invaders
2 6 0 4 -45
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º Forfeits
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