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Bowling - Mondays (Summer '19)


Spare me the details photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Mondays (Summer '19)

  Spare me the details


"Spare me the details" is our Monday bowling champion, narrowly defeating the "Lucky 7s" in the league final! Both teams were neck and neck the entire time, but "Spare me the details" was able to squeak by. That was thanks in part to Tanya's clutch turkey, which catapulted her team to victory!

This past season "Spare me the details" was one of our top teams and they proved it again last night.

In fact, if it wasn't for a tough 12-3 loss to the "Lucky 7s" early in the season, they would have gone undefeated. Still, they showed their championship colors the week after, rebounding with a 15-0 win! And instead of the perfectly undefeated record, the'll have to settle for a paltry 7-1 record.

Overall our champs finish with 73 points, topping the championship game opponent by 11 points. They were clearly the cream of the crop this season, so I'm sure it felt good to prove it in the end.

Congratulations to "Spare me the details" on the championship win!

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Bowling - Mondays (Summer '19)
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