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Bowling Standings

Bowling - Mondays (Late Spring '19)


Spare me the details photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Mondays (Late Spring '19)

  Spare me the details

A Complete Win

"Spare me the details" is our latest Monday Bowling champion, taking down "Heroesstrikesback" in an incredibly lopsided 15-0 win. No doubt the scoreline was indicative of just how good our champs really were when they were at their best.

Overall they finish with 74 points, tops in the league by a decent margin. In fact, they didn't lose a game until their week 5 matchup with "Heroesstrikesback". In that match our champs still held it close, losing 10-5. The following week they'd actually tie 7-7. Other than that though, they would regularly defeat opponents by double digits.

With a couple of tough weeks behind them "Spare me the details" came out on fire and couldn't be stopped. They approached every shot as if it were the most important one. It paid off in the form of the largest championship game win we've ever seen.

Congratulations to "Spare me the details" on the incredible season!

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Heroesstrikesback photo
Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Mondays (Late Spring '19)
Second Place


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  Spare me the details
4   Ghost Team 52
  The Pick-up Artists
  Family Strikers
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