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Bowling Standings

Bowling - Thursdays (Late Spring '19)


Bunch of Turkeys  photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Late Spring '19)

  Bunch of Turkeys

Back to Back Champs!

"Bunch of Turkeys" is our Thursday Bowling champion, successfully defending last season's title in a runaway victory. The 13-2 score showed pure dominance on their part, leaving little left for "No Pin Intended".

It was much of the same from "Bunch of Turkeys", who we've come to know as one of our best bowling teams on either night. When they were on their game, they couldn't be stopped!

Case in point: not one but two 15-0 wins, along with another 14-1 victory. And to top it all off, a 13-2 championship win that they make look easy.

In fact, their only 2 losses this season were at the hands of "No Pin Intended", making their championship win feel that much better. "Bunch of Turkeys" lost by a combined 24-5 in those two games, making their championship seem like it would be quite the daunting task.

But they were able to turn it on for the championship game, getting the last laugh with their second title in as many season. Congratulations to "Bunch of Turkeys" on the incredible season!

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No Pin Intended photo
Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Late Spring '19)
Second Place

No Pin Intended

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