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Bowling - Thursdays (Spring '19)


Bunch of Turkeys photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Spring '19)

  Bunch of Turkeys

Gobbling Up the Wins

"Bunch of Turkeys" is our Thursday night league champion! After a disappointing championship game loss last season "Bunch of Turkeys" came back with a vengeance, determined to win it all this time around.

Overall our champions finish with a 6-1 record, but that still doesn't do justice to how dominant they were this season. They finished with 82 points, nearly doubling 2nd place "Team B" who ended with 49 points. "Bunch of Turkeys" also took out "Team B" in the league final by the score of 12-3, capping off their dominant season with a game to match.

Oddly enough their only loss of the season came at the hands of the "Sparemasters", the league's last-place team. Maybe it was an off night, but a bad loss just 1 week before the championship game could have been concerning. But, as championship teams do, they rebounded in the best of ways by knocking the socks off of "Team B" last night.

Congratulations to "Bunch of the Turkeys" on their championship win! With the win, they have now what a title in both our Monday night and Thursday night leagues!

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Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Spring '19)
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