Los Magnificos plays in a Soccer league

Los Magnificos

Soccer - Sunday PM Coed (Winter '24) - Division 3
Team Color
9 1 0


First Place

Soccer - Sunday PM Coed (Winter '24)

“Los Magnificos” are the Division 3 Champions of the Winter ‘24 season, after defeating “Modelo Tops” 5-4!

From the opening whistle of the championship match, "Los Magnificos" ignited the pitch with their blazing determination, seizing an early lead with a breathtaking goal. Yet, the resilient "Modelo Tops" swiftly countered, leveling the score at 1-1 before halftime with a spectacular strike of their own. Both sides poured their hearts into every play, refusing to yield an inch to their opponents.
Emerging from the halftime break with unwavering resolve, "Los Magnificos" unleashed a relentless offensive, reclaiming the lead with another dazzling goal early in the second half. However, "Modelo Tops" refused to be outdone, matching each of "Los Magnificos" strikes with equal fervor, keeping the scoreline neck and neck until it stood at 4-4.

In the closing moments of the match, "Los Magnificos" defense stood as an impenetrable fortress, Preventing “Modelos Tops” from scoring. With sheer determination and grit, "Los Magnificos" held firm to secure their well-deserved victory, clinching the Championship with a thrilling 5-4 triumph.

Congratulations to “Los Magnificos” on becoming the Division 3 Champions!



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