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Dodgeball - Thursdays (Late Summer '15) - Presented by Miller Lite

( o )( o ) photo First Place Trophy

Dodgeball - Thursdays (Late Summer '15) - Presented by Miller Lite

  ( o )( o )

Nothing But ( o )( o ) All Day and Night

Our Late Summer Dodgeball season came to an epic conclusion last night as the leagues top 6 teams battled in fierce (but friendly) competition in a winner take all single elimination playoff.

The action got underway with the #4 seed "Thunderbuddies" getting lit up like a Christmas Tree by the upset minded #5 seed "Bathroom Champagne". It wasn't the prettiest dodgeball we've ever seen, but "Bathroom Champagne" was highly effective utilizing some old school strategy en route to a 5-1 win.

Next on court was the #6 seed "Dodgeaholics" versus the #3 seed "Dodgy Style". On paper "Dodgy Style" was the favorite, however no one was shocked when past champions "Dodgeaholics" rose to the occasion and stymied "Dodgy Style" from the outset, securing their spot in the semis with a 5-1 win.

Our first semi-final was a classic. The top seeded "( o )( o )" completed the regular season undefeated, unscathed with the notable exception of a draw against none other than their semi final opponent "Bathroom Champagne". We knew we were in for a treat with this one, and the action didn't disappoint. In a tight back and forth game, "( o )( o )" emerged from the fracas with a hard fought 3-2 win.

Meanwhile in our second semi-final, the #2 seed "WTF" put their best foot forward in a hotly contested affair against the "Dodgeaholics" a team they were well acquainted with. The shorthanded but rested "WTF" proved too strong in this one winning 4-2.

Thus our championship match was set between the leagues top two teams, "( o )( o )" and "WTF". When the two squads met earlier in the season, "( o )( o )" came away with a 5-4 win but in the finals "( o )( o )" were not to be denied, they were a well rested and well oiled machine that rolled over "WTF" 5-2.

Congratulations to "( o )( o )" and to all of the teams that competed in a great season.

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  ( o )( o )
9 0 1 19 40
8 2 0 16 32
  Dodgy Style
6 3 0 12 12
  Bathroom Champagne
5 4 1 11 20
  Thunder Buddies
5 4 0 10 6
5 5 0 10 10
  Gov't Cheese
3 5 0 6 -4
  Purple Reign
1 6 1 3 -31
  Your Face My Balls
1 6 1 3 -34
  Ballz Deeper
0 8 0 0 -51
How are Standings Calculated?
Winners receive 2 points, each team in a tie receives 1 point, and losers receive 0 points. If you forfeit, you lose a point, so don't forfeit! Plus, two forfeits make your team ineligible for playoffs.

Teams are ranked by (1) Ranking Points, (2) Head to Head Two Teams Only*, (3) Point Differential, (4) Coin Toss.

Head to Head is only used if there are two teams tied. Ties involving 3+ teams disregard H2H and move on to point differential for the tiebreaker.
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.