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3v3 Basketball - Thursdays (Summer '23)


Lakers Suck (Comp) photo First Place Trophy

Comp League

  Lakers Suck (Comp)

Lakers Suck (Yeah they do!)

Last night we wrapped up our summer 3v3 Thursday night basketball league with two epic finals matchups.

In the Competitive division, we had the undefeated, #1 seeded, "Lakers Suck" squaring off against the #3 seed, "Santa Clara is NOT San Francisco". SCiNSF came in with a 4-2 record, and needed two playoff wins last week to make the finals against Lakers Suck. Now with a 6-2 record, they faced the 7-0 top seed for all the marbles.

The first game was neck and neck, with Lakers Suck pulling out a 22-20 win. In game two, Lakers Suck won the best of 3 match 15-10 to secure the title.

Congrats to Lakers Suck on their undefeated season and championship, to Santa Clara is NOT SF for their playoff run, and all our other teams for a great season!

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Comp League Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
Set W/L
1   Lakers Suck (Comp) 8 (1)º 0 0 16 9
2   Team AADW (Comp) 5 (1)º 2 0 10 8
3   Santa Clara is NOT San Francisco (Comp) 5 4 (1)º 0 9 6
4   Old Timers (Comp) 3 5 (1)º 0 5 -3
5   Capitol Hoopers ⛹🏽‍♂️ (Comp) 2 5 0 4 -1
6   Triple Singles (Comp) 0 7 0 0 -19
Swish Kebabs photo First Place Trophy

Rec League

  Swish Kebabs

Swish Kebabs Cap Undefeated Season with Title

Last night we wrapped up our summer 3v3 basketball league with two epic finals matchups.

In our Rec. division, the undefeated Swish Kebabs came in ready to cap a fantastic season. After cruising through the regular season 6-0, they had to beat Team D last week in the semi-finals before advancing to last night's title. The only team that gave them any trouble this season was their finals opponent, "Already Injured". In the regular season, Swish Kebabs beat Already Injured 2-1, but beat all others 3-0.

Already Injured entered the playoffs 4-2, but dispatched "Trust the Beam" last week to enter the finals for a rematch with the Swish Kebabs.

The Swish Kebabs won game one in a close battle, 21-19. After losing game one, Already Injured came out strong and rolled, winning 20-4 in game two, setting up a deciding game 3. This time, Swish Kebabs dominated, winning the title 22-11.

Congrats to the Kebabs on a fantastic undefeated season, and to Already Injured for making them work a little bit for it! Thanks to all our teams for another great season!

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Already Injured photo
Second Place Trophy

Rec League
Second Place

Already Injured

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Rec League Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
Set W/L
1   Swish Kebabs 8 0 0 16 20
2   Already Injured 5 3 0 10 10
3   Trust the Beam 5 (2)º 3 0 10 -2
4   Team D 3 5 (1)º 0 5 -7
5   Balls Deeper 2 5 0 4 -7
6   Team C 0 7 (1)º 0 -1 -14
How are Standings Calculated?
Winners receive 2 points, each team in a tie receives 1 point, and losers receive 0 points. If you forfeit, you lose a point, so don't forfeit! Plus, two forfeits make your team ineligible for playoffs.

Teams are ranked by (1) Ranking Points, (2) Head to Head Two Teams Only*, (3) Point Differential, (4) Coin Toss.

Head to Head is only used if there are two teams tied. Ties involving 3+ teams disregard H2H and move on to point differential for the tiebreaker.
º Forfeits
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When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.