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Bowling Standings

Bowling - Mondays (Late Fall '19)


NVus photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Mondays (Late Fall '19)



"NVus" is our Monday bowling champion, taking down "Spare me the details" in an 11-1 route last night. Their opponent didn't stand a chance, and they made sure everyone knew it.

"NVus" was the best of the best this season, but not just in the championship. Overall they finished with 76 points, far outpacing their championship opponent who finished in 2nd with a measly 59 points.

The championship win also secured an undefeated season, with "NVus" ending their campaign with a 7-0 record. That included a huge 15-0 win over "Don't Be That Pin" the week before the championship.

They also had a couple of close calls though, such as an narrow 8-7 victory over the "Pinheads" and a 9-6 win over "Spare me the details". But when things got tough, "NVus" got clutch instead of wilting to the pressure.

Congratulations to "NVus" on the perfect season! It is certainly well-earned!

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Spare me the details photo
Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Mondays (Late Fall '19)
Second Place

Spare me the details

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  Team Total Score
  Spare me the details
  Split Decision
  Don't Be That Pin
6   Vacant Team 8
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