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Bowling Standings

Bowling - Thursdays (Late Fall '19)


What you sparin' at bro photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Late Fall '19)

  What you sparin' at bro


"What you sparin' at bro" is our Thursday bowling champion, cruising to an 11-4 win last night. They were the top team all season and didn't disappoint when the championship rolled around. Instead they rolled right over the "Bowling Stones".

Overall "What you sparin' at bro" finished with a 6-1 record, totaling 77 points in that span. That good for 11 point a game, which is an incredibly high average.

It makes sense, considering the only time they didn't hit a double-digit point total was in an uncharacteristic 11-4 loss to "Dodgeholics". They righted that ship quickly though, following the loss up with a 12-3 win ahead of the championship game. They also had a couple of 14-1 wins in the mix, showing just how dominant they could be on any given night.

Congratulations to "What you sparin' at bro" on the bowling championship!

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Bowling Stones photo
Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Late Fall '19)
Second Place

Bowling Stones

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