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Bowling - Mondays (Fall '19)


NVus photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Mondays (Fall '19)


A New Champion

"NVus" is our Monday bowling champ, defeating the reigning 2-time champion "Bunch of Turkeys" in an incredibly close match.

It was a great start to the night for "NVus", picking up a 3-2 win after game 1. Ryan came out guns blazing with a 180 score to lead the way. However, in game 2 "Bunch of Turkeys" picked up a 3-2 of their own, narrowly picking up the point for total pins which was won 509 to 502.

With things tied up at 5-5 both teams put out their best for the 3rd and final game. Bri led all bowlers with a 176, but Gwen and Ryan also won their matchups to help take the 4-1 win and the championship by the score of 9-6.

Overall it was a pretty dominant season by our champs, putting up 95 points. Their championship matchup versus " Bunch of Turkeys" Was by far their most competitive game of the season, as every other game was a blowout. In fact, a 15-0 week 3 win over "Bunch of Turkeys" is what really put them on the maps as the team to beat this season.

Congratulations to "NVus" on the incredible season, ending with a thrilling championship game!

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Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Mondays (Fall '19)
Second Place

Bunch of Turkeys

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