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Bowling - Thursdays (Fall '19)


There Will Be Blood photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Fall '19)

  There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Wins!

"There Will Be Blood" is our Thursday bowling champion, defeating the "Gutter Sluts" by the score of 8-7. It was the slimmest of margins, but a win nonetheless!

It was somewhat of a slow start for "There Will Be Blood", losing to the "Bowling Stones" in their first game of the season by the score of 11-4. However, like champions do, "There Will Be Blood" figured out a way to win. In fact, from that point on it was nothing but wins starting with a 10-5 victory over their eventual championship game opponent. From there they cruised into the playoffs as the #1 team.

Overall our champs finish with 65 points to go along with their 6-1 record. And while their lone loss wasn't great, they avenged it soon after by flipping the score and winning 11-4 just a few weeks later. "There Will Be Blood" also capped off the regular season nicely, defeating "Split Happens" by the score of 13-2 heading into the playoffs.

Congratulations to "There Will Be Blood" on the fantastic season!

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Gutter Sluts photo
Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Fall '19)
Second Place

Gutter Sluts

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