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SAND Volleyball - Advanced 4s - Mondays (Fall '19)


Twinkle toes and the bros photo First Place Trophy

SAND Volleyball - Advanced 4s - Mondays (Fall '19)

  Twinkle toes and the bros


"Twinkle toes and the bros" are our Advanced Sand Volleyball champions, defeating "Sushi" in the championship! The two had faced off twice during the season, splitting the season series with 1 win apiece.

It was a back and forth affair, as "Twinkle toes and the bros" squeaked out a 21-19 win in the first set before getting crushed 21-8 in the second set. They kept their heads up though, battling back and cruising to a 21-11 third set win to clinch the league title!

It was a very close season for all those involved, as our champs finished with the best record at 5-4. They got off to an extremely slow start, losing three of their last four games. However, they came on strong to end the season and forced their way into the championship game thanks in part to a clutch 2-1 win over "A TEAM". In that win, it was a nail-biting 21-17 win in the third set that helped clinch the win!

Congratulations to "Twinkle toes and the bros" on the fantastic season!

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Sushi photo
Second Place Trophy

SAND Volleyball - Advanced 4s - Mondays (Fall '19)
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
Set W/L
  Twinkle toes and the bros
5 4 0 10 -1
  Team Red
4 4 0 8 2
4 4 0 8 2
4 5 0 8 -3
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