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2019 Sacramento Field Day

RB photo First Place Trophy

2019 Sacramento Field Day


"RB" is #1!

"RB" is our 2019 Field Day champion, finishing the day with a whopping 198 points! That was thanks in part to their incredible well-rounded skill, finishing 1st in 6 separate events!

It was an incredible race to the finish between "RB" and our runner up "Steel Resolve", the latter of which held the lead for much of the day. In fact both teams were at the top of the leader board all day, starting with the first event "Dizzy Bat" where the two tied for first with a 1 minute and 35 second relay time! From that point both teams were scoreboard watching, trying to see where the other stood.

For the first few hours "Steel Resolve" held the slim lead. However, once teams were able to improve their scores in the final hour of the day "RB" took full advantage and catapulted to victory.

Still, credit to "Steel Resolve" for being our top corporate team, outpacing the "El & El All Stars" by a full 16 points. Besides them nobody else stood a chance!

Also, congratulations to our indy team "Team A" for being the top donor to the PCA! Not only that, this group of misfits fought tough in every event to make the podium after not having even met prior to the event. To reach third place under those circumstances is a huge accomplishment!

Congratulations to "RB", "Steel Resolve", and "Team A" on their incredible performance on Saturday!

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Steel Resolve photo
Second Place Trophy

2019 Sacramento Field Day
Second Place

Steel Resolve

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Team A photo
Third Place Trophy

2019 Sacramento Field Day
Third Place

Team A

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  Team Total Score
1   RB 198
2   Steel Resolve 187
3   Team A 174
4   EL & EL All-Stars 171
5   Not Fast Just Furious 167
6   3 piece and a soda 163
7   Road Warriors 145
8   Propointyheads Team 2 131
9   Propointyheads 122
10   Here for the beer 116
11   Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies 114
12   Team Dookie 114
13   Last Picks 93
14   Slow Train 93
15   Running on Empty 87
16   Wakanda Forever 75
17   SolarEdge 0
18   Thunder Buddies 0
19   4-Mimosas 0
20   Lexitas 0
21   Beach You To It 0
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