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Cornhole - Tuesdays (Late Summer '19)


Gone Fishin’ photo First Place Trophy

Cornhole - Tuesdays (Late Summer '19)

  Gone Fishin’


Tuesday cornhole’s playoffs featured four very familiar teams. Fan favorites Pub Scouts matched up against the number one seeded We so Corny and defending champion Gone Fishin’ met the perennial powerhouse Game of Throws.

Fans will remember the matchup between Game of Throws and Gone Fishin as one of last season’s best playoff series. Game of Throws barely lost that series after building a commanding 2-0 lead. The achingly-close loss immortalized in the ESPN 30-for-30 documentary, Cornhole in my Heart: The Game of Throws Collapse. Could Game of Throws shake off the memory of their collapse?

Steve of Game of Throws clearly believed they could. Determined to rid himself of the ghosts of last season, he started the first game on fire. After several cornholes and a few unlucky breaks for Gone FIshin’s Ryan, Game of Throws prevailed, 21-9.The party didn’t last long for Game of Throws, as Jaime and James of Gone Fishin imposed their will in game 2, beating Throw’s stalwarts Patrick and Justin by a score of 21 to 9.

Game three began with excellent coaching by Steve, ensuring his teammate Pat knew what throws to launch and where. Steve and Jamie would trade blows in an exchange that should inspire a 30-for-30 sequel. With Game up 19-13, Ryan would step up big and hit 2 cornholes to bring the match to within 3. He would then shock the cornhole world with an improbable 3 cornhole round to win 21-19 and take a 2-1 series lead.

It’s clear that cornhole excellence is a family affair for James and Jamie. The father-son duo looked unbeatable in the fourth game where they locked up the series, 3-1.

(Editorial note: Justin’s right-handed hook throw is a thing of beauty.)

It’s no secret there’s no love lost between Pub Scouts and We So Corny whenever they face off. These teams have been fixtures on the Sacramento cornhole scene for years, rivals since the days the game was played in back alleys and smoke-filled dens of iniquity. Pub Scouts and We So Corny are truly throwback cornhole teams, vestiges of the sport’s lawless past and they met again for a classic first-round series.

To start each game was tight but Pub Scouts prevailed after falling into a 2-0 hole.The Pub Scouts ended their series on a 3-0 roll that left spectators in shock. They’d beaten the regular season champs, could they do the same to the defending champions in the finals?

The Finals

Ryan of Gone Fishin’ appeared to be on a mission to start the finals. He opened up the match with two crafty hole blocking shots and brought his team to 4-0 lead. Ryan would continue his hot start against Mike of Pub Scouts, scoring 3, 2, and 2 in his next rounds. Gone Fishin’ continued to build their lead behind board accuracy on the way to a 22-6 win in the opening game.

Kiel, ever a creature his street-cornhole past, began the smack talk early in game 2. His constant haranguing of Gone Fishin’s Ryan would make most men quake. Ryan, however, proved unflappable and let his game do the talking. Beating the Scouts easily 21-14.

Game 3 was a game of inches. Slow, excruciating and 1 point at a time. Kiel of the Pub Scouts willed his team to an 18-17 lead with an amazing push shot for a cornhole. Nate extended the leas to 20-17 and Kiel sealed the deal after ill-advised cornhole by Gone Fishin’ lost the game 21-20. Pub Scout’s joy did not last long, however, as Ryan and James of Gone Fishin’ dominated game 4 en-route to a 21-5 win.

Congratulations to Gone Fishin’ on their Tuesday cornhole championship.

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Second Place Trophy

Cornhole - Tuesdays (Late Summer '19)
Second Place

Pub Scouts

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Gone Fishin’ 8 2 0 16 18
2   We So Corny 6 2 1 13 17
3   Pub Scouts 6 4 0 12 7
4   Game of Throws 4 3 2 10 4
5   Beer run 3 4 1 7 -4
6   The Great Cornholios 2 4 2 6 -4
7   Corndogz 2 4 2 6 -8
8   UNICORN ON THE COB 0 8 0 0 -30
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