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Bowling - Mondays (Spring '19)


Spare me the details photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Mondays (Spring '19)

  Spare me the details

Barely Spared

"Spare me the details" is our latest Monday Bowling champion, defeating "Banana Splits" by the slimmest of margins.

It was a championship game in the truest sense of the word, with both teams exchanging blows and giving it their all. In the end, it was a 5-0 scoreline in game 2 that made all the difference for our champions.

The first game of the match was a close one, with "Spare me the details" losing 3-2. They came back in a big way though, with the 5-0 sweep in game 2, giving them a good lead heading into the third and final game. Credit to Barry for picking up a point as the top bowler in each of those first two games.

In game 3 "Banana Splits" wouldn't be denied so easily, taking the game by the score of 4-1. Unfortunately for them though it just wasn't enough to secure the win. Instead, Megan pulled out a clutch point for her team in her match up, giving "Spare me the details" the victory!

All in all a great season for our champs. They may have struggled a bit down the stretch, but were able to make the championship game due to a fantastic start the season. Then they capped it all off with a title win! Congratulations to "Spare me the details" on the great season!

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Bowling - Mondays (Spring '19)
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