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Cornhole - Fridays (Spring '19)


Down To Shuck photo First Place Trophy

Cornhole - Fridays (Spring '19)

  Down To Shuck


"Down to Shuck" has won their second straight title, defeating the favored "Unprotected Sacks" by the score of 3-1 in the final. The two also faced one another last season in the final, so no doubt the second straight championship game loss has to sting for "Unprotected Sacks".

After last season's championship our champions knew the road back wasn't going to be easy. Unlike last season's nearly flawless 8-1-1 record, "Down to Shuck" had some ups and down. Consistency was tough to come by, and at one point they lost three games in a row near the end of the season. However, they managed to get their way into the playoffs as the #3 team anyway.

From that point on their playoff experience took hold, and just like that "Down to Shuck" flipped the switch. In their first round match-up they easily took down "Sofa King Awesome" with a 3-0 sweep, punching their ticket to the big dance for the second time in as many seasons.

Riding high from their semi-finals win our champs stayed locked in, defeating "Unprotected Sacks" by the score of 3-1. It was a great final to be sure, but "Down to Shuck" just over matched their opponent throughout the game.

Congratulations to "Down to Shuck" on the great season. While the may have had some ups and downs, they still took the ultimate prize for the second season in a row. Well done!

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Unprotected Sacks photo
Second Place Trophy

Cornhole - Fridays (Spring '19)
Second Place

Unprotected Sacks

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Unprotected Sacks 8 (2)º 2 0 16 16
2   Down To Shuck 6 (2)º 3 (1)º 0 11 4
3   Sofa King Awesome 4 (1)º 3 0 8 -6
4   Good in the Sack 2 (1)º 6 (1)º 1 4 -9
5   Team B 1 3 (2)º 1 1 -2
6   Team A 2 (1)º 6 (3)º 0 1 -3
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