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Bowling - Thursdays (Late Fall '18)


Bowlhemian Rhapsody photo First Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Late Fall '18)

  Bowlhemian Rhapsody


"Bowlhemian Rhapsody" is our Thursday bowling champion, defeating "Spare Us" 10-5 in the league title. The two teams had previously faced each other twice this season with our champs coming out on top in the other two games. This third time around was no different.

All season "Bowlhemian Rhapsody" was the favorite to win the league given their strong start. In fact, through 5 games their lowest point total was 11! That streak also included two separate 14-1 victories.

Unfortunately their run came to a halt in week 6 though, losing 13-2 to "Aggresively Yellow". Still, the loss didn't matter much with "Bowlhemian Rhapsody" already set to play in the championship thanks to their huge lead in the standings.

Overall our champs finished with 78 points, far outpacing everyone else in the league. For reference their championship opponent "Spare Us" finished in 2nd with 56 points, over a 20 point difference.

Congratulations to "Bowlhemian Rhapsody" on a pretty dominant season!

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Second Place Trophy

Bowling - Thursdays (Late Fall '18)
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