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Kickball - Tuesdays (Spring '17)


I'm Kick James Pitch!! photo First Place Trophy

Kickball - Tuesdays (Spring '17)

  I'm Kick James Pitch!!

It's a Celebration, Pitches!

"I'm Kick James Pitch!!" is our latest Tuesday night kickball champion, looking as dominant as ever! When the dust settled, they finished with an undefeated 10-0 record by the end of the playoffs. Overall this championship run was about as dominant as they come, with their +73 point differential essentially doubling that of anyone else in the league -- second place "Ballsagna" was a +37.

That undefeated record included two wins over their championship opponent "Ballsagna", with the final ending in a 5-0 win.

The game started as a classic defensive battle. Great fielding led to three straight scoreless innings. It quickly became clear that this game would come down to who made the first mistake. "Ballsagna" flinched first, allowing a string of base hits in the bottom of the 3rd, followed by a mishandled ground ball and an errant throw to first. I’m "Kick James Pitch" drew first blood and never looked back. When the dust had settled, "Ballsagna!!" found themselves down by 3 runs.

But the game was not without drama. "Ballsagna" managed to get runners on and into scoring position in each of the next three innings. But disciplined defense and heads up plays helped them get out of every jam.

Well-placed line drives and aggressive base running added 2 insurance runs for "I’m Kick James Pitch!!" in the bottom of the 6th. With one last chance in the top of the 7th, "Ballsagna" stepped to the plate. Playing in the third consecutive game in the early summer heat of the evening, fatigue began to show. Two quick outs and they found themselves on the ropes. One last effort, a high fly ball to deep left-center, was easily caught for the game’s final out. "I’m Kick James Pitch!!" celebrated triumphantly, then joined their opponents on the field as the two teams congratulated each other on a hard-fought championship match and a successful kickball season.

Overall "I'm Kick James Pitch!!" had allowed just five total runs, blanking opponents for the first five weeks of the season. They also picked up two wins over "Bennie and the Jets", who they defeated 11-1 in the semifinals of the playoffs and 6-0 earlier in the season.

Another awesome run by the same awesome team, and they'll be back to defend their title(s) next season as well!

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Ballsagna photo
Second Place Trophy

Kickball - Tuesdays (Spring '17)
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  I'm Kick James Pitch!!
10 0 0 20 73
9 2 0 18 37
  Home Runyons
7 1 1 15 27
  Bennie and the Jets
7 2 1 15 10
  D-Town Champs
5 (1)º 4 0 10 13
  Pitch Me Ouuside
3 6 0 6 -22
3 5 0 6 6
  We Jus' Keep BALLIN'
2 5 1 5 -20
  Yellow, Is It Me You're Kicking For?
2 6 0 4 -26
  Captain's Crew
1 6 1 3 -34
  7th St. Toejammers
1 6 (1)º 1 2 -28
  Ball Me Maybe?
0 7 1 1 -36
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