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Softball - Sundays (Late Spring '18)


MASTERBATTERS photo First Place Trophy

Softball - Sundays (Late Spring '18)


A Thrilling Finish!

"MASTERBATTERS" is our Sunday Softball champion, winning 6-5 in a thrilling 9 (yes that's right NINE!) inning marathon for the league title.

After entering the afternoon as the #4 seed, our champs had to win two games just to get to the title game. However, they took it one step at a time, knocking out whoever stood in their way.

In the first round they breezed past "Louisville Chuggers", while it was the complete opposite in game two. Still, "MASTERBATTERS" pulled off the upset of the top team "Team A", and to the championship game they went! Their opponent, "Bad News Bears", also escaped by the skin of their teeth in a 5-4 win of their own.

The championship game was a tight defensive battle throughout, and after 6 innings it was knotted at 2. Things got interested In the first inning of extras, with each team picking up 3 runs, putting it at 5-5 after 7 innings. Our eventual champs thought their 3 runs would be insurmountable, but the "Bad News Bears" wouldn't go down without a fight.

We fast forward to the 9th inning where "MASTERBATTERS" was able to pick up another run, once again giving them the lead at 6-5. Unsure about whether the 1 run lead would hold up after what happened just two innings prior, their defense came up in the clutch, stranding 3 players from "Bad News Bears" in the bottom half of the inning to take the win.

It was an epic game to be sure, but the "MASTERBATTERS" came up big when it mattered most and that is why they are our new champions. Congratulations!

Bad News Bears photo
Second Place Trophy

Softball - Sundays (Late Spring '18)
Second Place

Bad News Bears

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
8 3 0 16 45
  Bad News Bears
8 2 0 16 30
  Team A
7 2 0 14 35
  BrewTang Clan
6 (1)º 2 1 13 14
  Louisville Chuggers
4 4 1 9 -15
  Blue Balls Brigade
3 4 1 7 9
3 5 0 6 -9
  The Bumblebees
1 6 1 3 -18
1 7 0 2 -60
  The Leftovers
1 7 (1)º 0 1 -31
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