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Halloween Pub Crawl!

Halloween Pub Crawl!

Do you have your costume yet?


Saturday, October  25th - Halloween Pub Crawl

It's been a while, and it's time for one of our best pub crawls of the year! Bring out those Halloween costumes and have some fun! As always, just wear a XOSO shirt if you aren't dressed for the theme. Please click here to RSVP.


  1. 5pm: Benny's Q St. Bar & Grill - $2 Southern Comfort shots,
  2. 6pm: Alley Katz - $4 SoCo & Lime shots, $3 select drafts
  3. 7pm: Kupros Crafthouse - $2 SoCo shots, $4 Southern Comfort craft cocktails
  4. 8pm: The Golden Bear - $5 SoCo Lime Cordials, $5 SoCo Rockstars
  5. 9pm: Barwest - $4 SoCo limes, $2.50 bud light or coors light, $1 off drafts
  6. 10pm: Blue Cue - $4 Southern Comfort shots, $3/$8 PBR pint/pitcher



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