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Nice Snatch! photo First Place Trophy

Softball - Sunday Funday League (Summer '14)

  Nice Snatch!

Nice Snatch Overcomes Just the Tip For Title

Yesterday concluded our Sunday Funday Summer Softball League, and our six top teams duked it out for a $100 Southern Comfort bar tab and a $50 tab from Elixir. All five games were close, with the victors ultimately outlasting the competition.

Our first round games featured matchups between the Weekend Warriors and long time Xoso players "I'd Hit That". In a close one, "I'd Hit That" prevailed, 11-9. The other game pitted the #3 seed, "Nice Snatch" vs "Sit on my Base", and with some timely defense, "Nice Snatch" won 13-12.

The semi-finals put our #2 seed "Lotus Casino" against the "Nice Snatch" with the shorthanded "Nice Snatch" winning 7-4. After a couple hours rest, "I'd Hit That" faced off with the undefeated veterans "Just the Tip", who managed to eek out a 12-9 win to move to the finals.

The finals, featuring the undefeated Just The Tip vs. the shorthanded "Nice Snatch" seemed to be a foregone conclusion. Nice Snatch, playing with six players, ran the bases aggressively and forced errors from the favorite, and ultimate emerged victorious with their softball championship.

Congratulations to Nice Snatch on a fantastic season, and thanks to everyone for making it a fun one!

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