Pickup Games

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We're now offering pickup games, with the help of our friends at OpenSports via the OpenSports mobile app! 


What are pickup games? 
Pickup games (or drop-in games) are recreational games played without formal teams or officials... anyone can join in and play! (21+)


Why pickup games?

  • Flexibility: Afraid of commitment? Traveling for work or moving soon? Play pickup!


  • Low Risk Trial: Try out a new sport or new moves in a no pressure environment.


  • Social: Find new players for your main team or just make some new friends from a group you don't normally play with.



When and where?

At first we'll offer pickup games on weekdays at lunch and early evenings, and potentially on Saturdays. If there's enough demand, we will add more pickup options!


You can find all our upcoming pickup events on our OpenSports page


Upcoming Pickup Events







  1. The first rule of Xoso is, YOU TALK ABOUT XOSO: Tell a friend to join our OpenSports group and play too!

  2. Positive attitudes only.


  3. Call your own fouls, and no one else's. No proxy wars. That's how world wars start.


  4. If someone calls a foul, you must respect the call.



Join Xoso's OpenSports group here:



Then download the app to view and join our upcoming pickup events.


OpenSports is built specifically for pickup sports. Some great features include:


  • An easy-to-use mobile app for joining games from your phone
  • Automatic refunds if you need to cancel your spot within the refund window
  • Automatic waitlist for full pickups notifies players in the order they joined if someone drops
  • Invite options for each event to get your friends to play too
  • Ability to pay for a friend's spot when you join
  • A "Chat" tab for each event
  • Upload photos from any session
  • And a lot more features! 


Players do not need the OpenSports app to join events and receive invites, but they do need an OpenSports account.