Who says adults can't have recess?

Xoso Coed Ultimate Frisbee


Welcome to Xoso's Coed Ultimate Frisbee League in Sacramento! Ultimate is a great way for adults to stay active, meet new people, and have fun... and boy is it a great workout too! Ultimate is kind of a mix between basketball/soccer/football, but with a frisbee. You can't run with the frisbee, and you try to pass it down the field and catch it in the endzone while your opponent tries to intercept or break up your passes. It's a great workout and great for all skill levels!

After your Ultimate Frisbee game, head to our league sponsor bar for cheap pitchers of beer, flip cup, beer pong, and lots of fun!

Team $599-$699; Individual $49-$59

Fee Includes:
8 ultimate frisbee games over 7-10 weeks, a Xoso VIP Card, t-shirt, championship prize, equipment, league administration, bar specials, and new friends!

Spring, Summer, Fall

Individuals or Teams. Individuals may request to play with friends. Team Captains may divide the team fee between players or pay the full amount themselves. If dividing the cost, any left over balance on the final day of registration will default back to the captain. Teams must have at least 10 players.

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