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Softball - Tuesdays (Summer '18)


Nasty Ashlies photo First Place Trophy

Softball - Tuesdays (Summer '18)

  Nasty Ashlies

A Night for the Underdogs

The "Nasty Ashlies" are our Tuesday Softball champions, taking down the "Townies" in a 10-0 route. This comes after the "Townies" upset the #1 seeded "Team B" in a thrilling 3-2 win to make it to the championship in the first place.

Heading into the playoffs the "Nasty Ashlies" were the #3 seed, facing off against a "Where My Pitches At?" squad that beat them twice in the regular season. They didn't let that bother them much though, instead securing a convincing 5-1 win thanks to some outstanding defense.

Overall the "Nasty Ashlies" finish with a 6-3-1 record, topping the league in point differential with a +40. Most of their struggles came early, with our champs starting off 1-2-1 before ending the season 3-1. in those last 4 games they would outscore their opponents by a total of 26 runs. At that point they knew they were primed for the playoffs.

Congratulations to the "Nasty Ashlies" on winning the Tuesday night softball league! We can't wait to see if they are able to defend their title next season!

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Townies photo
Second Place Trophy

Softball - Tuesdays (Summer '18)
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Team B
7 2 0 14 30
  Where My Pitches At?!
7 2 0 14 25
  Nasty Ashlies
6 3 1 13 40
5 4 1 11 9
  NOT Carson Wentz
2 6 0 4 -13
  Inglorious Batters
2 6 (1)º 0 3 -29
  Humble Churros
1 (1)º 7 0 2 -62
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